Eastern Division Conference Sunday 28th February

Author: kaytd

Posted: 16 Feb 16, 11:46

Where are you planning to be on Sunday 28th February?

The Eastern Division Conference and Speech Contests is being held in Mansfield and it’s an EXCELLENT opportunity to come along and see some of our Divisions finest developing professional and non-professional speakers going head to head in an assortment of speaking contests.

Why do they do it? Well, some are just contest junkies (I’m speaking for myself of course!!) and some do it because sometimes the next challenge, the next step in a person’s development is by seeing what other’s are doing, how they are doing it, why it works for them, and whether its something we can take on board ourselves. Learning doesn’t happen in  vaccuum, and stepping out of the club to watch others, listen to their ideas, and soak up their expertise is a fabulous way to improve upon your own skills.

Oh – and there’s leadership opportunities as well! These days aren;t just about the competitors. A contest couldn’t exist without the dignitaries and all the contest officials. 

Word has it that there are some positions available to join the Evaluation Contest officials team in the capacity of Timer and Seargent of Arms.

If you were thinking of coming along I would encourage you to jump at one of these roles, snap up the responsibility of the position for that contest and see just what small gem of knowledge about working in a team you can take from it.

If you are interested drop Kayt a line through Facebook or EasySpeak.

I don’t know where you will be, but I know where you could be, and if you were in this for development, add this conference to your lineup and I’ll see you there!



Members of Southbank Club can access the Discussion posting that contains the days agenda, and registration details.  http://easy-speak.org/viewtopic.php?t=166218

Source: EasySpeak


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