Area 26; Eastern Division of District 69, in Region 12

Wow, what a mouthful!

SouthBank Toastmasters Club is just 1 of a number of Toastmasters club in and around the inner South/East of Brisbane. These Clubs make up Area 26 of the International Organisation.

In Brisbane alone there are a vast number of clubs who all share the same mission. Most clubs operate and run similarly but the biggest difference is the culture and make up of the individual club, and that is largely determined by the club’s membership. Its a good idea if your considering joining the organisation to visit a couple of clubs before you join, that way you can be sure that the club culture you are signing up to is in fact the right fit for you.

Area 26 prides itself on its dynamic and challenging clubs. We have a great history of strong clubs and stronger members. At varying times throughout the last decade each club has battled its own membership hurdles and always will but the tireless work of the members and the leadership teams have always brought strength and integrity back to the clubs and helped them drive forward as the successful clubs they remain.

SouthBank is proud to call itself a member of Area 26 and remains one of the stronger clubs in the area. By joining SouthBank you become a member surrounded directly by other driven passionate members and indirectly by similarly driven and passionate members of neighbouring clubs.

To find out more about the clubs that comprise Area 26 refer to the find a club page on theToastmasters International website and click on the appropriate suburb.