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Author: kaytd

Posted: 01 Feb 16, 07:28

magpie helenfitzgerald.comThe Avery

I have to take a moment to thank Rachel for a beautiful and utterly memorable speech last meeting. 

I’m just sorry for all our members who missed it!!! For those who did make it, it’s ‘Mother Hen’ here asking you all if you remember who the ‘magpie was?

What a wonderful demonstration of powerpoint, and how visuals do not need words to accompany them to make the point hit home.

Of course the one take home for everyone is, the more dynamic the visual component of your speech, the more dynamic errors are as well! Don’t forget to spell check! 

Of course the real beauty of this speech was in captured display of our club and the interpretation of our makeup through world of birds. It made us laugh, it made us think, and it made us remember. If you can present a speech, that can do all that, then you have succeeded in “communication” and isn’t that what you are all here to do?

Whether you are a plover, a Toucan, a ‘lovebird’, we all sing to our own music, and there’s another bird out there who wants to hear your music.

Love your work R!


Image from Helen Fitzgerald

Source: EasySpeak


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