About our Club

Established in 1996...

We are a group of fun-loving individuals, from all walks of life. We meet twice a month to improve our public speaking skills in a friendly and inclusive environment. We have fostered our own distinctive home-grown Aussie character which it has been nurturing for 20 years. Still, we are proud of our multicultural membership – which is almost as diverse as the member’s varied work backgrounds.

We give our members a place to hone their public speaking skills with valuable and helpful feedback. We emphasise on positive encouragement and personal growth rather than point scoring. As such we accomodate from nervous beginner through the more experienced and relaxed performers. 

What should I expect out of a meeting?

  Before…                                     After!

A typical evening program runs from 6:15 pm until 8:50 pm. It works on a strict timekeeping structure, which generally allows 5-7 minutes for the 3 main speakers who feature each week. Members work their way through pathways with defined goals to achieve recognised levels of Toastmaster competency! Meanwhile, each meeting will have an array of roles including:

  • Toastmaster: leads the meeting by engaging with all the participants and facilitating the transitions between speakers.
  • Grammarian: challenges everyone with the word of the day and picks on people’s linguistic flair.
  • Timekeeper: develops preparation skills by assisting each person and speaker with their time management.
  • Table Topics Master: gives the opportunity to some members or guests to speak spontaneously on a nominated subject.
  • Evaluators: furthers the speaker’s interpersonal and speaking abilities by providing constructive feedback.


We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


We have regular educationals, speechcraft courses, mentoring programs, executive officer training and informal times such as the dinner break when there’s an opportunity to make new friends and improve your professional connections.