Training and Confidence

A different and bumpier road for all of us!

For those of us that simply walk into a Toastmasters meeting they’ve started down their path, wherever life will take them. Some argue its all about the journey, others believe its the reward that is what makes the journey fulfilling. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter, you have to take the journey to get the reward, and that’s where Toastmasters steps in.

In 2012 the International Organisation undertook a huge global rebranding and as part of that they changed their tag:


There was much debate amongst the offcial executive and many members world wide if this was appropriate. After all – aren’t you reading this because you are looknig for somewhere to develop your communication skills – not your leadership skills.

The argument that won out was that, by default, if you as an individual can master effective and powerful public speaking and communication skills, you will be, whether you realise it or not, a strong, dymanimc, and empowering leader. The skills of a great leader are born in the ability to communicate. And so, the new tag is meant to truly capture the WHOLE story behind the your journey with Toastmasters.

The basic structure of your journey with the organisation is 2 channels. One path focuses primarily on principles behind great speech writing and effective presentation styles, and the 2nd entails the more adminsitrative side of things, like listening, time management, mentoring, all of which give greater sustenance to your speech writing and delivery.

Shortly this page will give greater elaboration to the 2 channels and identify the projects you undertake, and the steps within the club that get you to your end reward, whatever it may be.